Revolution of Hope



The Revolution of hope is an active platform of progress minded Nigerians of all creeds, ages, political leanings and ethnicity. It is a  movement willing to take responsibility for the growth of a new and great Nigeria by actively engaging the political process and thereby ending the reign of an unjust oligarchy that has divided our country along hate lines. They pitch ethnic groups and religious groups against each other while sharing the wealth of the land.

The Movement is committed to nation building where everyone is a builder, owner and a beneficiary of a Nigeria where the root of injustice, inequality, discrimination, division, intimidation and fear is destroyed. It is committed to a Nigeria where everyone is secure, free, and an equal part of the larger whole.



Nigeria is at crossroads. Governance in Nigeria is not working. Sustained bad is happening and little good is on the horizon. All the nation state is doing is managing to keep the nation’s fragile unity while preventing full-scale civil wars from breaking up. Nigeria has failed to live up to its promise and potential and disappointed all black nations of the world by its failure to provide an exemplary and innovative leadership. Nigerian Citizens are slaves whose existence is circumscribed by poverty, ill health, ignorance and violence. Less than 5% of Nigerians control our national wealth, which they hold in trust for foreign banks, and other economies. Nigerian politicians are no better than slave masters and elections are nothing but bazaars where corrupt leaders are recycled so that the citizens live in want, disease and death while politicians live in unbelievable luxury and disdain of the citizens that voted them. They are not even satisfied with mere luxury; they take everything for themselves, while poverty, ill health, and little to no access to good education humiliate the 95%.

We believe that this type of elite behaviour is morally wrong, indefensible and unacceptable. This is why the Revolution of Hope has become necessary. It is the movement of We the people of Nigeria in all federating units and the diaspora, who say that enough is enough. It is our collective decision, voice and action to stop the rot, reverse the damage and heal the land from gross abuse. The movement is a democratic peaceful revolution to go to polls and wrest political power from the hands of the predators who are enemies of not only we the people, but the founding fathers of our great nation.

In 2019, Nigerians must take a fundamental decision. Do we continue the 58-year decline from the vision of our founding fathers where “tribes” and tongues differed, but brotherhood and sister hood stood or do we part in acrimony to atomic pieces of ancestral lands controlled by warlords? Do we continue to pay lip service to justice where there are different sets of laws for the elite and another for the common man? Do we allow our people to live like animals when science and technology has made life better for most countries of the world? Our movement does not merely seek change to a new Nigeria. We seek a better and great Nigeria where we can all dream great dreams and realize them with better living standards.

We seek to achieve the following results in installing a new and great Nigeria through the ballot:


  1. We solemnly believe and hang our hope on the youth of Nigeria. We intend to stop the criminal neglect in the development of our critical human resource; the Nigerian youth. No other youth in the world have suffered abuse like the Nigerian youth. In spite of our rich oil resources 1 out of 5 Nigerian youth of school going age is out of school and we hold the dubious world record for the highest number of youth out of school. This neglect has ramified in creating a criminal ecology, which is exploited by the ruling elite. This will be reversed by our collective decision to resist this decay.


  1. We solemnly believe in working for a new political restructuring model for the country. NOTHING that impedes our national unity and progress will be out of bounds for re-structuring. The presidential system, the federating units and the nature of the federation shall come under our stringent scrutiny and be restructured.


  1. We solemnly believe in Nigeria’s diversity; that our numerous ethnicities are a source of pride and celebration and not a national question’s curse. Together we stand stronger; to lead in building a great nation where no tongue is oppressed and we all are bound in freedom, peace and unity.


  1. We solemnly believe in nation building through an informed citizenry and not a conquered citizenry. We are determined to wipe out illiteracy from Nigeria’s shores in the shortest time and once again redeem the image of our universities as centres of teaching and research of global significance.


  1. We the people believe in the unity of Nigeria and are prepared to resist through dialogue any separatist and anarchic groups. Nigeria belongs to all of us and there are neither master nor slave ethnic groups in the country. We condemn gross injustices and cruelty. We are a republic of ethnic equals and not a monarchy, military dictatorship, nor a theocracy.

We have tolerated too much abuse for too long. We have silently endured years of abuse and our silence has emboldened greater exploitation. We cannot allow our voices to be silenced and our power to be united destroyed by religious bigots and ethnic chauvinists


  1. We believe in integrity and transparency and the war against corruption, grand corruption, and impunity. Our movement will deal with not just the symptoms of corruption but undergo the mind restructuring to make corruption a shameful pathology for all future Nigerian generations. To achieve this our members will contest for all political positions in the country from Councillors of wards, To the President of the Federal Republic. The old is dying, and the new struggling to be born is our democratic revolution of hope.





Our mission is to rescue Nigeria from collapse and reclaim democracy for the common man, the oppressed 95% of Nigerians. We seek to transform politics and democracy from the hands of a few to the hands of the many, we the people. Our mission is structured by the following  goals:

  1. We are waging a democratic revolution through the ballot box. Our movement is supporting a new generation of young emerging leaders to take control of their future through collective political action, we have already re-structured our mentality to total rejection of the old corrupt order and are ready for the birth of a new great Nigeria where change and transformation work together, to improve the quality of Nigerian life for now and for future generations.
  2. We seek to make politics more meaningful so that party platforms conform to peoples’ beliefs and our politician are held accountable. Our parties today are meaningless alphabets that define no political course or belief system. Politicians jump from one from one party to the other because all the major Nigerian parties are more of the same. They are rich politicians riding on the backs of the poor to even greater riches. Most of our politicians stand for nothing, and do not believe in politics as morality or service. They believe that being in power is their turn to chop. Our movement will educate and elevate political consciousness and give a new meaning to politics as servant hood and morality in action to make the common people also happier.



This is our pivotal time and decision moment. Join the Revolution of Hope Movement and make a difference in your family, community and nation. Do not be an onlooker. Support the emergence of Professor Iyorwuese Hagher, president of Nigeria 2019. Join us now!

Prof. Iyorwuese Hagher

Founder and Presidential Aspirant

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