Over the weekend, forefront presidential aspirant of the SDP, Ambassador Iyorwuese Hagher was hosted by youth of the South-East in Abakiliki, Ebonyi State. This was against all odds, having being denied the use of public venues by the powers that be, and forced to resort to contingency of alternative, private venue. Honouring a special invitation as a guest speaker at the event Nigerian Youth Decide, Professor Iyorwuese Hagher delivered a speech to the awakening of the Nigerian youth, igniting the fire of the Revolution of Hope in their souls.

The soul of the Nigerian youth is ailing from difficulty to be surmounted in educational achievements. Prostitution, apart from being a source of livelihood, is embraced as a norm in being a means to education for young women. Even when they do and are qualified to fill in positions, unemployment rears its ugly head. This is a fraction of the chain of events that plague the Nigerian youth. Hardship in its turn leads to the search for greener pastures – migration and brain drain. As a result of this, the most productive part of the Nigerian population (youth) end up victims of human trafficking.

He emphasised the value of education to nation building stating that ‘when education is valued, people value dialogue over violence’. There’s no such thing as over-emphasising the importance of education, especially to the youth who are known to be the most powerful agents of change. To buttress this, he borrowed from the words of Yusuf Maitama Sule, a Nigerian politician, acclaimed orator, diplomat, elder-statesman, the Dan Masanin Kano and the nation’s pioneer ombudsman who is quoted as saying, “…We have problems in this country today but we shall overcome. The youth are the panacea to our ills, the solution to our problems, vehicle of change and vanguard of the revolution. I am not calling for a bloody revolution; I am calling for a bloodless revolution, reorientation, change of mind; and we can do it.”