Nigeria’s presidential aspirant 2019

It is a great honor, pleasure and privilege to welcome you to our website. The official website of Amb.Hagher’s Presidential Campaign “The Revolution Of Hope, Nigeria 2019”.Nigeria is in critical need of a new responsible Leadership to build her potential of immense natural and human resources. My task is to unite the various ethnic nationalities towards a common purpose and destiny. I seek to fully establish equity, justice and freedom, to all Nigerians. I seek to eliminate corruption, ethnicity and religious bigotry. This will be done through a peaceful revolution of hope, where a restructured Nigeria will be home to all citizens. In this website I invite you to join in this peaceful revolution to greatness and Nigeria’s beckoning prosperity. The website provides you with networking access to other partners of the revolution of hope. You can also sponsor the campaigns in cash or kind. Volunteers are also welcome!


I am excited to work with you on this project to project Nigeria to the world as a new Miracle where our youth will compete at the global arena with superior skills and help in creating knowledge based wealth and enhance productivity and prosperity. We will fight religious extremism, ethnic and religious bigotry and corruption. We will defeat them all. Nigeria has finally started its journey to global acclaim, national unity and economic predominance.

Thank you for your visit as you partner with us to create a new great Nigeria in the revolution of hope.


Amb. Iyorwuese Hagher