"The 2019 presidential elections beckon all Nigerians to action whether we live in Nigeria or in the diaspora; the next election is bound to significantly affect all of us. On this website we seek to invite you to join the movement for a Nigeria united with a common purpose and a common destiny of greatness: THE REVOLUTION OF HOPE.
Our candidate Amb, Prof Iyorwuese Hagher, playwright, activist, scholar and diplomat has offered to serve as president with your support is exactly the type of leader Nigeria has been waiting for. We welcome you to the website and invite you to join the peaceful revolution to make Nigeria great.

Barrister Femi Coker
Campaign Manager


We are a team of young, determined and patriotic Nigerians working to rebuild Nigeria where our diversity is celebrated and where equality and justice is our way of life.

Together we will build a greater Nigeria

Join the Revolution of Hope

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